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    Newcastle Stuns Arsenal with Controversial Victory, Handing Them First Premier League Loss

    Newcastle United managed to hand Arsenal their first defeat of the season with a 1-0 victory. This game will be remembered for a controversial second-half goal by Anthony Gordon that stood after a lengthy VAR review.

    The Shocking Victory

    An Unforgettable Goal

    The turning point of the match came in the 64th minute when Anthony Gordon found the back of the net. He fired the ball past Arsenal’s goalkeeper, David Raya, from close range after a goalmouth scramble. This goal left fans on the edge of their seats and sparked controversy that resonated far beyond the final whistle.

    VAR Drama

    The goal’s legitimacy was under scrutiny as VAR officials carefully reviewed several aspects of the play. They examined whether the ball went out of bounds, potential fouls in the build-up, and offside situations. This intense scrutiny added to the drama of the game, leaving both sets of fans anxious.

    Managerial Reactions

    Arteta’s Frustration

    Arsenal’s manager, Mikel Arteta, was furious with the goal, expressing his frustration in no uncertain terms. He labeled it an “absolute disgrace” and deemed it “embarrassing” for the Premier League. The controversial goal left a bitter taste for the Arsenal camp.

    Howe’s Praise

    In contrast, Newcastle’s manager, Eddie Howe, had every reason to be delighted. He praised his players for their battling performance and acknowledged the significance of this victory for the team. The win capped off a brilliant week for Newcastle, which included a stunning 3-0 victory over League Cup holders Manchester United.

    Newcastle Stuns Arsenal with Controversial Victory, Handing Them First Premier League Loss

    An Intense Face-off

    Emotions Running High

    The match at St. James’ Park was characterized by intense emotions, with tempers flaring on several occasions before the halftime break, reflecting the heightened tensions on the field.

    Physicality and Incidents

    The match was physical, with incidents like Kai Havertz’s reckless tackle and altercations involving other players. The intensity of the game made it a challenging spectacle for both the teams and the fans.

    Current League Standings

    Newcastle’s victory has propelled them up the Premier League standings. They now sit in sixth place with 20 points from 11 games, and their impressive unbeaten streak in the last seven league outings has raised their profile in the competition.

    Arsenal, on the other hand, experienced their first goalless match in all competitions this season. Despite this setback, they maintain their position in the league, holding the third spot with 24 points, trailing league leaders Manchester City by three points.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. How did Anthony Gordon’s goal become so controversial?
    Anthony Gordon’s goal in the match against Arsenal became controversial due to a lengthy VAR review, during which officials assessed various aspects of the play, including potential fouls and offside situations.

    2. How has this victory affected Newcastle United’s position in the Premier League?
    Following this victory, Newcastle United has risen to the sixth position in the Premier League standings, accumulating 20 points from 11 games.

    3. What were the key moments in the game at St. James’ Park?
    The match was marked by intense emotions, physical play, and incidents like Kai Havertz’s reckless tackle. These moments added to the overall excitement of the game.

    4. How did Arsenal’s manager, Mikel Arteta, react to the controversial goal?
    Mikel Arteta expressed his frustration with the goal, deeming it an “absolute disgrace” and “embarrassing” for the Premier League.

    5. Has Arsenal faced any other losses in the season apart from this one?
    Arsenal’s loss to Newcastle United was their first Premier League defeat of the season. However, they may have faced losses in other competitions.


    Newcastle’s historic victory against Arsenal will be remembered as a significant moment in the Premier League season. This match showcased the unpredictability and excitement that makes football the beautiful game.

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